Sunday, June 27, 2010

Remember the Titans Inspirational Moments

Motivation is what brings a team together, in order to win you need to work together as a team. After reading some chapters in the book the first movie and one of my favorite movies that really started me to think about was "Remember the Titans" these young guys had to come together to learn to work together with a different race in order to be the best team out there. Through a lot of work and a lot of motivation from the coach's in the movie the team was able to learn to work together and be the best the could be.

There was one scene in the movie where the Coach takes the boys to Gettysburg and gives them a great speech about how they need to come together and work as a team if they want to win, they may not need to work together, but need to respect each other as a person in order to play as a team. Through out the entire movie they built friendships out of each other and the more they became better friends the more motivation they had to win the game. The fact that this was one of the first high schools to ever merge together as a white and black school and had to play a sport together they came out on top with a perfect season. Not only did the Coach motivate the players to be the best the could and play together as a team, but once the team started playing well together the entire town was motivated to accept the change that was going on and to come together and be proud of what was coming out of it.

Motivation comes together weather it's a one person's motivation to go to the gym and lose the weight or if it's a teams motivation to want to win or if it's motivation to clean your room we all have it and sometimes when need people to help motivate us and this movie based on true events that took place back in 1971 shows that as long as you have people who love the sport and love doing what they are doing the motivation will come easy it doesn't matter what skin color you are and this movie shows that. Followed is a clip of some of the best scenes in the movie where the team is motivated to do their best and be better than the other schools who didn't have to deal with a merge of blacks and whites coming together at this time. Enjoy!


  1. The team building required to make it through camp would make it easier to see past prejudice and stereotypes. I can understand how a team sport would be the ideal grounds for a break through with communication.

  2. Love the clip!! Very motivational movie. I think is is easier to become motivate to do something if you are with others who also want to work towards the same goal. Exercise can be a hard thing to make yourself do but if it helps you help your team win a game then there is a better chance you will stick with it. I know that works for me!