Monday, June 28, 2010

When someone says that they have a craving for such and such food, most likely your response is nothing too radical. However when someone has a craving for such and such drug our reaction changes considerably. How quick we are to judge, for when tou think about it someone who is obese fell victim to their food addiction and couldn't say no to the cravings; while a drug addict isn't much different. Much like an obese person gets pleasure from food, addicts get pleasure from their drug/substance, and both somewhere along the line built up tolerance, created a habit, and became engrossed in it.

For Example, take a graduate student who is working their way through school. His classmates much like him are burned out from working all day, class all night, and any spare time catching up on homework; so they started going out every night after class to unwind. Unfortunately this individual begins to make a habit of drinking as a means of coping with stress and before he can even see whats happening he is showing signs of an alcoholic. Then there is the girl whos boyfriend broke up with her and found comfort in food. Then she began gaining weight, which mad her depressed, and eating more. Now she eats as something to do when shes bored, stress, and upset. Sometimes we can slip into a habit with out realizing it, and slowly our tolerance for it builds and an addiction is created. This short documentary conveys the similarities of food addiction to other addictions.

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  1. When dealing with ANY kind of addiction: alcoholism, drugs, food, sugar, Love Addiction, Sex Addiction etc. - you must take it day by day & sometimes even minute by minute. Humans forget very easily & quickly. I have found that having constant reminders brings motivation back to the forefront of the addict's mind. Support is very important too, understanding support from other humans.