Friday, August 2, 2019

Self-Control and Impulsive Choices

I thought the lecture explaining self-control was very interesting, especially the topic of impulsive choices. I believe self-control is an important and beneficial quality to have because you are more likely to not give in to situations than people who don't have self-control or very little. This is something I'm trying to have more of because a lack of self-control can lead to impulsive choices, like buying items you don't need, but want instead of using that money for necessities or saving up your money. It's very easy to fall into that trap and make impulsive choices without really thinking about what you are doing. I think having self-control and working on it will help people become more aware of their habits and try to break away from them.

Here's an informal article about impulsive decisions:


  1. I agree with your view on impulsivity completely; our society has a foundation of consumerism that feeds on impulsivity. As a child I remmeber always running up to my parents and telling them the next toy or activity I desperately needed. As an adult, I definitely have more self control, though the traps in the media make it very difficult sometimes. I have an awareness about my shopping habits, and I yeild my expendentures to self control through saving money instead.

  2. I really liked your post and agree with you that having good self-control is really important quality to have. It is always good to think about what choice you should make, or consideration of the consequences, not fall into impulsive choices.