Wednesday, August 7, 2019


This summer with fourty hours of work a week and three classes I have turned to coffee to keep me going through out my long days. In the past I have enjoyed coffee here and there, but it has never been a regualr thing for me. After six weeks of consecutive use, I am nearing the end of my summer courses, and i feel a difference on my tolerance levels and craving for coffee. It is frightening to think I have fallen into the caffine addiction group, but the withdrawl symptoms are very real. If i do not get coffee by late afternoon, I feel a strong headache come on and begin to feel disressed. My recent addiction to coffee could be seen as a positive addiciton, since it allows me to function better while not affecting me negatively. The positive reinforcer associated with my behavior is the hightened mood and energy level when I consume coffee.

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  1. Leora. I agree that our coffee addiction could be seen as a positive because it helps us students with so much! Each day I have a minimum of one to two coffees, I spoke about it in my caffeine post as well. Good post!