Wednesday, August 7, 2019


A drug commonly overlooked when you hear the word "drugs" is caffeine.  Caffeine is one of the most consumed drugs on a  day to day basis.  I myself have two to three cups of coffee a day.  There are days where I only have one, and I will get a slight headache.  If i go more than two days without coffee I get moody, sever headaches, and feel extremely groggy.  I do not stand alone either, according to a study 92% of my fellow colleagues use caffeine in any form daily.  Caffeine releases dopamine upon intake making you feel more "awake" and happy which is important for people doing tedious tasks so they can stay sharp and focused. 

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  1. I think its amazing how hooked on caffeine people can become without even realizing it. I, myself am not an avid coffee drinker. But I do enjoy an occasional cup of tea. My cousin would bring a DD coffee with her everyday to school. She tried to stop drinking them and she instantly felt the affects. She was dizzy and nauseas. I think the fact that 92% of our colleagues are addicted to caffeine is an insanely high number.