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Book Report : The Power of Habit

Book Report: The Power of Habit
By: Georgia Wonski

General Overview: 
The Power of Habit - Why we do what we do in life and business, is a New York Times best selling book by Charles Duhigg. The author believes that people can transform their businesses, communities, and lives for the better. He wants to help his readers understand human nature and potential for transformation. The book focuses on good and bad habits in life. For example, you cannot erase or delete your old patterns due to bad habits. These habits are easy to fall back into because it is something we are familiar with and find comfort in as humans. The author pinpoints the difference between failure and success. He elaborates on the steps it can take to change a bad habit into a good habit. There are also many arguments in the book about losing weight, exercising regularly, building companies, becoming more productive, social movements, and raising children. These are all subjects that people may struggle with and Charles Duhigg’s goal is to help everyone succeed in these areas. 

Favorite Part:
One of my favorite parts in the book is the habit of loop. This is known as a concept of how habits form. Every habit is made up of three essential parts. The cue is the first part and this is known as the trigger. The second part is the routine and is shown as a pattern. Finally, the third part is the reward and this is what the person desired. This is one of my favorite parts in the book because I truly believe in the habit of loop. Freshman year of college I gained a good amount of weight and this was triggering for me. I made myself a gym routine and made sure to make healthier choices when it came to food. I believe in the habit of loop because I was triggered, then made a routine for myself, and now I have lost a few pounds. I am still working on my reward of losing more weight and gaining more confidence. The chapter self- control discusses willpower and this is something that you will need in this cycle. It is known as a control and being able to restrain from impulse. In the habit of loop it is important to be strong to achieve your reward in the end. 

The chapter food is a common topic in The Power of Habit. The author discusses healthy eating and losing weight because this is something that many people struggle with. In the chapter, a major topic is food preference and many people prefer fat in foods. Also, food that is found with higher energy content with more calories is chosen over lower energy content. Charles Duhigg covers this topic because many of his readers are looking for motivation to help them lose weight and change their bad habits. 

I have created a video to explain the habit of loop concerning weight loss using different images!
Here is video explaining the habit of loop!

In The Power of Habit the author covers many topics and steps to help people succeed in life. One topic Charles Duhigg focuses on is breaking bad habits. A current problem in today's world is addiction. This includes drugs, alcohol, nicotine and more. Electronic cigarettes are taking over the world and causing major health risks due to harmful chemicals. Many teens are extremely addicted and have no self-control. This book can solve this real world problem if people are willing to take the steps the author includes by breaking a bad habit. The habit of loop can be used when someone first admits they have a problem. After, they substitute their addiction with a routine of drinking water every time they crave nicotine. Finally, their reward would be breaking their addiction and no longer have to depend on the electronic cigarette. I think a great way to educate others about breaking bad habits like an addiction is to assign this book in classrooms or work areas to motivate others. 

Personal Extension: 
After reading this book I have thought long and hard about this upcoming school year. One of my main issues that I am working on is time management. I am someone that likes to procrastinate instead of getting things done right away. This has affected me in school and in my sorority due to holding a major position. Charles Duhigg is very motivating and wants to help people outgrow their bad habits. I am someone that wants to change my current issue for this upcoming school year because I know I can do better in school if I prepare myself for future assignments. My position in the sorority is a lot of responsibility and many people are counting on me to create events by certain deadlines. My bad habits that I am focusing on now can help me succeed in the future even after college when having a job that requires a certain schedule or deadlines. I am going to take all of the steps and advice from Charles Duhigg to become more productive in life.  

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