Tuesday, August 6, 2019


There are seven kinds of psychoactive drugs with only three of them being legal. These drugs include caffeine, alcohol, nicotine (all legal), amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine, and opiates. I learned that caffeine is the most used psychoactive drug used in the world. After reading this statement and thinking back, I know many people who must be addicted to caffeine due to the fact that they are unable to be spoken to or get horrible headaches when they have not drank their coffee for the day. Another widely used drug today is alcohol. This kind of drug gives a feeling of euphoria when consumed keeping people always going back for more. Nicotine, a drug that is found in tobacco, is used to relax or enhance mood. Many people who become addicted to nicotine says it makes them calm and they also like the way that it makes them feel. Now a days, nicotine is so widely used especially by teenagers and young adults in high school and college. All of the people I have a close relationship are addicted to nicotine from one of the various types of cigarettes that are made today. Although you must be twenty-one to buy tobacco in the state of New Jersey now, young people still find a way to get it in their possession. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kxz0vbyWpJc Commercials such as the one in the link are flooding the internet and television now, but unfortunately this addiction has become an epidemic.
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  1. This is interesting because of how common of an addiction it is. It is used by all ages and seems to only grow in popularity despite known health effects.

  2. angela, I agree with the usage on nicotine mostly all of my friends use it in some form, good post!