Saturday, August 3, 2019

Preference for food

Ever since I could remember, my parents have criticized my terribly picky eating habits. This class has opened my eyes to a new understanding of where I developed my pallet. As the class illustrated, an individual's preferences for certain foods come from both innate and conditioned backgrounds. With that being said, my parents do not have the right to disapprove of my food preferences, since their lack of exposure to a variety of foods limited my interest in it. This is a conditioned concept discussed, known as the mere exposure effect. A person given food repeatedly will naturally increase their interest in that food. Growing up, my parents did not open me up to any spicy foods, and now as a result,  I will not go near anything spicy. Additionally, on the topic of food, I was extremely shocked by the video discussing the bottomless food bowl. I could not believe that people truly eat an average of 73% more soup when they have a bottomless bowl. I decided to look into the topics of food consumption in regard to the mind, I found a new type of motivation for eating certain foods. There is a great video that describes the way food interacts with brain functioning:


  1. It is a very good point that your parents are somewhat responsible for your picky eating! If they had exposed you to different foods more frequently you probably would have a taste for a lot of foods! I really enjoyed the video you included and I learned a lot I never thought about before, I didn't think about how much our brains are directly affected by what we eat! Such as how omega rich foods can actually keep up with maintenance of our cell membranes and how saturated fats could affect brain health in a negative way! The video makes me want to be more aware and diligent with eating healthy.

  2. The bottomless food bowl discussion immediately reminded me of the United States' obesity problem. I ate out at restaurants a lot from a young age and the portions they serve are huge. Every time I go out to eat I always end up eating more than I would have at home. The video you added really made me think about the foods I put into my body.