Thursday, July 16, 2015

Stranded Post 1

After reading the first two parts of the book I came to realize that this is no different than the time when I was in the military and deployed. I was in Iraq twice and for each time it was a year gig. When your overseas you are literally put in a remote area where you have to make the best of things, and just like Shackelton and his men you must rely on the camaraderie in order to get through the ups and downs. I am very sure if it was not for my band of brothers I would have surely gone insane. At times you definitely feel like you may never see your friends from home, or family but looking back I always had my fiends and family right there to my left and right. These chapters were right up my alley meaning there are some videos floating out there somewhere of the craziest stuff we have done in our down time, and only those who have been there know what I mean.


  1. Thank you for your service! And as for your post I have a very close friend and a cousin who both served over sea's and they both seem to feel the same way as you in that they both hated the situations they were put into but loved the people they did it with. I can't imagine fully what its like having a brotherhood like you do in the service but when I read this book I can see how it would compare to serving over sea's trying to survive in an unfamiliar and hostile environment with nothing to rely on but your own skill and those around you.