Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kyle Chudzinski


Professor Berg

Today I want to talk about the forces behind the power of love, sex and relationships. It deals with both biology and social characteristics. I found this very intriguing after reading the online lecture about reproduction. This entire process still has many guessing on how it all really works. I'm sure that everyone has thought about this in one way or another. After all, everyone is seeking either for their soul mate, best friend or lifelong companion. This topic can relate to everyone and therefore that's why I find so interesting. Sexual selection is when one sex selects another member of the opposite sex for mating purposes. There is usually a trait or few that these mates find appealing about one another. Physical characteristics are a trait that usually brings the mates together. Mate value encompasses the full set of traits that bring mates together. An example of this could be that one mate finds confidence, ambition and intellect attractive about their partner. There are numerous traits that fall under the category of love. People who generally have a higher sex appeal attract mates that also have a higher sex appeal. This often leads to a passion filled relationship. I wholeheartedly agree with the good gene hypothesis. People that look healthy often give off the signal that they are stable intellectually, financially and emotionally. This often attracts people but can be misleading as well. I found it very interesting that men often seek mates that can produce more offspring and women seek mates that will increase the survivability. The whole world of mating is still in many ways a mystery today. Understanding the true intentions of each sex and what they truly want to find in life is something that continues to baffle researchers.

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  1. Its amazing what goes on in our minds when we are selecting a mate. unconsciously we put a lot of thought in who we want to be with for our life partners.