Monday, July 13, 2015


I'll say that I wasn't sure how to interpret the book as I began reading it. I have a hard time reading things that I haven't chosen myself, so I was hesitant to know how I would get through it. However, after finding out that Shackleton and his crew would be taking such intense journey, I was more intrigued. I think something important to point out is that a journey such as theirs requires such an immense amount of motivation. All of these men on the ship knew what they would be getting themselves into going on this adventure together, and they must have known it would absolutely not be an easy task. I think it takes great courage to make the conscious choice to be willing to take such a long trip, in such cruel conditions, knowing that there would be a chance of running out of food, and potentially never returning. That being said, I think that all things require motivation. We must be motivated to do things in life, we need interest to maintain motivation as well.


  1. I agree with you that motivation is an essential part of the human mind and body. However, I question where they find the motivation or what caused them to make their decisions. I pose the question in my classroom and to my field hockey team every year and ask them their goals and what is going to motivate them to do it. A lot of students answer, well my parents said I had too. What is making them make the choice? What is causing them to put the idea of death and fear behind them and continue on the journey? How do we convince our minds to do the things that seem impossible?

  2. I too question what caused them to make their decision, but the decision to embark on this journey knows its intensity. Once on the journey, they can only be motivated to finish, they have no other option.