Friday, July 24, 2015


I believe there are many drugs that can be addictive especially alcohol among first time users. In America there has always been a heavy burden of controlled and uncontrolled substance abuse. I can say that marijuana is on the rise because of its non addictive characteristics. Soon I think it will be the drug of choice that will save the economy of America due to its vast consumption among all ages. Marijuana has been experienced in California and Colorado and it is only a matter of time before it is expanded through the US. Cigarettes are still the number one killer all over the world, and I feel that marijuana may be the new exception.


  1. I believe drugs are such a prominent factor in society due to their ability to alter experiences past a level of normalcy. Alcohol allows for a withdrawal from normal behavior which is why is considered a "social relaxant", while caffeine offers a "pep-in-the-step" altered experience. While I don't necessarily believe that drug use should be labeled as "bad", nor drug users to be labeled as derelicts of society, I do believe that individuals will drug-abuse habits should be offered clinical help, rather than thrown in prison for their "crimes" - so as long as they didn't directly harm individuals. It should interesting seeing the what impact the legalization of marijuana has on our country!

  2. I definitely agree with you that marijuana has many benefits and legalization is likely on the way. There is also little doubt that there will be economic benefits for the states that legalize it, however it will not come without its challenges. For one, to not compare it to big tobacco companies is a little ignorant as it very well could head in that direction without proper guidance and its something that needs to be highly regulated. Also, while the legalization and taxing of marijuana will definitely help the economy in a major way, I also have my doubts that it will "save" our economy completely. Only time will tell what direction this heads in!

  3. I agree that marijuana in the near future will will be legal nationwide. I do believe that the government could receive lots of tax revenue from it. However, i am weary of the slippery slope that it could cause. I certainly do not want heroin or cocaine to become legal one day.