Saturday, July 18, 2015

Endurance on Dateline

Above is a link to the Dateline documentary of Shackleton's journey. I found it interesting to listen to as reading the book allows you to create your own ideas of what happened on their journey, then this kind of gives a better explanation and solidifies their actual experiences rather than leaving it for your imagination to understand.

One thing that stuck that the documentary covered is Shackleton's attitude. During the reading, I got the vibe that Shackleton was a bitter man, torn that his trip may be defeating him. The other crew members called him names behind his back, and he was stubborn. The documentary states that they wouldn't have made it without him, which I think is only partly true. While he was the leader of the pack, and typically called all the shots, there were some poor decisions made on his part as well that led them into terrible situations, such as lack of food. The crew and Shackleton became a team. I don't think that he was the reason they made it, they each played a very important role in that journey. In situations such as there's no way to survive without team work. There was no sole person that made their mission possible, it was simply a collaboration.


  1. It is very true that decisions are made better as a team, and I believe that the recommendations of his crew was taken into consideration. However, at the end of the day and after all ideas were submitted Shackleton made the decision. The team was not taking the blame together when things went bad, but they criticized Shackleton behind his back while calling him names. We all know with great power comes great responsibility, and when things go wrong because of Shackleton's choices it's not about who is wrong, but how can he fix this? That is the true definition of a leader to me, which is someone who listens, but also makes the hard decisions and making the crew feel as a team, but do not get it twisted Shackleton was most definitely in charge.

  2. I definitely agree with what you are talking about with Shackleton and how this harsh journey is defeating him. He is overly stressed and concerned about the lives of his men and his very own life. This was a complete collaboration of teamwork in order to survive. It was great to see the men come together even if that meant discarding their differences to achieve a given obstacle. That also was a great link you provided in order to paint a much more lucid picture in the mind of the readers.