Monday, July 13, 2015

Destination or Journey?

As I began to read the book, I wondered how a person has the inner strength to go on a journey that the outcome is uncertain. Shackleton's journey puts him and his crew in a situation where they might not make it out. Not only not make it out, but they are stuck living on ice, carrying only what is needed, and killing animals for food. They are stuck in remote areas, having to find entertainment, and not be annoyed with the same people all day every day while still worrying that at any moment they might have a to make a drastic move that could kill them. They are continuously stopped with climate changes and uncertain wind directions. The question that arises most in my head is: What is more important the destination or the journey? I ponder this, because if given the opportunity to ask Shackleton an his crew, I wonder how many would say the making it to the destination or the journey. For example, would Macklin be able to say that the journey was more important, while he had to kill his crew of dogs or make numerous trips back to camp, or ration his food so the crew could survive. Or would, Ordes-Lees say the destination was more important because he made it and was alive, and could put the fear of starvation behind him. Or would Blackboro, regret his decision and say neither, because he snuck on the boat and shouldn't even be there to begin with. Every person is different with their outlook on life, different circumstances, different decisions, and different morals. However, what is more important to you, the destination or the journey?


  1. I found your post to be interesting and thought-provoking. There is truth in what you are saying, people have different outlooks on life and that raises a difference of opinion on whether the destination or the journey is more important. I believe most of the crew's answers would be the journey, because the motivation behind the trip was adventure. I assume they knew it would be a difficult experience. They did not know the trials they would have to overcome, however the excitement of the unknown enticed the men to be a part of this journey. Personally, the journey is more important for me, because my destination is not always certain.

  2. I agree with Christina, your post is very thought provoking. Since you pose the questions, what is more important, the destination or the journey, I find it necessary to respond. First, I think it can depends on the situation entirely. If the destination is the ultimate excitement, I think that would be the more important thing. However, if you are someone who enjoys what gets you to the destination, and embarking on an adventure as well as taking risks, I would think the journey is more important. For me, I personally think that the journey is more important. There is so much more that comes out of everything because of the journey you take to get anything in life. It makes things more memorable, and gives the destination more of a meaning.

  3. I think this question is such a Universal one. I believe that Shackleton's crew would say that the destination would be the most important. With this said, they could have not possibly expected the events that have taken place on their journey. If they would have known what would happen, a lot of their mindsets would be altered. The book did say they were ready to set sail for the spirit of adventure. Would they really have that same spirit if they knew what the future held for them? Maybe, maybe not.