Thursday, July 30, 2015


     The basic “rule” of behavior is that, greater incentives will lead to more effort and higher performance. Environment is critical in not only our development, but is influential on almost all of our behaviors. Incentives are motivations in the environment, both positive or negative, that motivate our behavior.

        In Endurance, it was obvious Shackleton and the crew endured many offsets through out their journey. However, Shackleton was able to keep them all focused and in high spirits. In hopes of giving the crew an incentive to keep going, after the ship had sunk, Shackleton gave the men new responsibilities and still offered to pay the men. The incentives gave the men confidence and hope when they were at their darkest time. Since there were so many negative incentives such as danger, the men surly needed the same or more positive incentives to keep going. The power of incentive is tremendous in anyone’s life, as seen in this story. Returning with such an unbelievable accomplishment, the incentives were well worth going for.


  1. It would have been easy for Shackleton to merely think the incentive of returning home to loved ones would be enough to encourage his crew to work together. However, it takes a true leader to understand that sometimes the most basic rewards are not always enough; offering his crew extra pay showed that Shackleton truly appreciated their work and that he needed them on his side.

  2. Yes, you are truly right Anastasia, I agree with you 100%.