Friday, May 25, 2012

Post 1

Motivation throughout the years
Thinking about what motivates me now as an adult got me thinking about how motivation for things change as you get older. When you are a child you are motivated by different things to get what you want. You may want to eat dessert or get a new toy so you may be motivated to have good behavior so you receive what you want. As you get a little bit older your motivation for things changes. Like in high school for example you may be motivated to work out and eat right so you can be the best athlete on your team, or you may study and always do your homework because your motivated to get good grades. And now at my age things that motivate me are to get good grades so I can graduate college. Also i am motivated to get good grades because I am spending a lot of money to attend college. I also am motivated to work out so I can be healthy. But as I get older I think things that will motivate me are my career and family.  I will want to be successful and my family will motivate me to do that because I would want to provide a good life for them.

Motivation and fear..
I always wondered what motivated a person to murder someone, even if they understood the consequences that follow.  I understand that some people murder out of fear.  Fear for their life, their families or out of self defense. "Fear is n excellent example of a universal motive that evolved to push individuals  to avoid and escape dangerous stimuli".(65) But it is when these reasons aren't present that I am baffled by.
Many different things motivate people some could be fear, protection, money, jealousy.  But I have always been interested in how these things motivate someone to go as far as killing someone. But I guess if we had these answers we could try and prevent them from happening.