Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Emotion Post 1

                I know I am very late with my first post. I have been having a lot of trouble getting on. Early on in chapter one, emotion is discussed. We can be motivated by the emotions that we are feeling. When we are upset about a particular grade, we can be motivated to do better; when we are in a good mood, we can be motivated to get stuff accomplished.
                Something interesting from the text I found was the word emotion comes from the Latin word emovere which means to move out. I have never looked at emotions as moving in a certain direction. If you take it further, you can look at it this way: if you are happy, you are motivated to move in a good direction. If you are sad, generally you move in a sad way.
                Most emotions have facial expressions. You can physically see if someone is sad, happy, angry, or scared. But emotions you cannot see would be depressed, loved, moody, etc. When you experience the emotion of love, you can feel motivated to better yourself for your loved one. For example, when a person loves another and wants to be with them, they may be motivated to get a better job to be able to provide a good life for that person.
                I included this video because I thought it would be a funny example of emotion.