Thursday, May 24, 2012

Post 1 : Addiction

How does an individual know that he or she is addicted to something, is it a choice or just an effect?  People and our general society do not acknowledge or comprehend that   a person does not choose to be addicted to any type of drug substance, food or even behavioral habits.   For instance,   the individual does not just wake up thinking “hey I will not be able to live without this substance, or without doing this routine there is more to it than just that.  In sense, it can be peer pressure that gets the person addicted or even some horrific tragedy that their trying to run away from that gets them into a daily routine of taking a drug. The reason for this is simple, to run away from reality and have a peace of mind.  These substances allow a false reality to take place. For instance, someone who is on cocaine will get a high feeling, for an hour or so that make he or she invisible to reality or its problems.  Since the person enjoyed the feeling of being high they feel as it will be “inevitable “for them to stop. What is the root of this effect, though? It can differ from anything from having a loved one die, or being an outcast of a group.

In my situation, however, it all started with college.  When I entered college, I decided to try alcohol. I thought drinking it would make me braver and stronger. I never could imagine occasional alcohol at parties or at friend’s house could really be a direct problem to my addiction.   It began with beer, but gradually switched to hard liquor and different kinds of alcoholic beverages. As time passed my drinking wasn’t just occasional. I realized this when I started to hit the bars and pubs 3 to 4 times a week, which led me to staying out late every night. The cause of this affected my schooling. I came to a point in my life where I was drinking from sunset to sunrise. The time came when I could not sleep without drinking alcohol.  Missing lectures, homework, and ignoring family phone calls became a routine to my madness.. All I found myself doing day and night was going out with friends getting drunk and waking up in afternoon with inferior hangover.  I basically made alcohol my first priority.  Alcohol at one point led me in a state of mind that even led me to quit college at one time. My family made me realize that this was a move that I will regret if I did not change, however I did not believe them.  I was in denial for about ½ year.  Once I realized this I became to panic and enrolled myself into a rehab group.   Even though I quit drinking, it still affected my daily life and the urges always came back. As time passed, quitting drinking became a positive effect in my life.   Alcohol abuse is not a choice, but is a temporally tunnel that lead the mind in another direction to forsake all memories, and depression.

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