Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Psychoactive Drugs (P-1)

 Psychoactive drugs are chemical substances that alter mood and behavior. Thousands of people use some type of psychoactive drugs to alter their mood, emotions, and thoughts. Some people use these drugs to for medical pursposes, others use them for recreational purpuses, whereas some are just addicted to these drugs. Some drugs are more addictive and potent than others, and some are illegal in some states while others are not. Today, I will be commenting on two very common drugs in American and even global culture.


Legal drugs are those than are not forbidden by the law and can be purchased in any convience store, such as caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. Caffeine is the psychoactive drug that is used the most worlwide. Caffeine comes from many natural sources, such as coffee beans, tea leaves, and cacao beans. Because it comes from different sources, it can be made readily available and it makes it easy to produce variouse type of beverages with it. I personaly stop at wawa and buy a 16 ounce cup of coffee. I notice that it is the drink of choice in the morning. Coffee does wake a person up, makes them energetic and alert. Even though it is legal, drinking it continously for some time can be very addictive, so I can see why is the most popular Psychoactive drug.


Alcohol is another psychoactive drug that is very popular. Alocohol is also known as ethanol. The process of making alcohol is done when yeast ferments the sugars of grains, fruits, and vegetables. It seems that alcohol is one of the few drugs that is part of mass culture. Most adults in the USA have consumed alcohol at one point in their lives. Since it’s socially acceptable, people drink alcohol in the form of wine, beer, and hard liquor. Some people drink alcohol over dinner or when they are socializing. Others use it to wind down from a long day of work. Beer, I believe, is drank by all age groups, especially when they go to a bar. Alcohol in any form does change one’s mood, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It also makes people do things they otherwise would not do; since alcohol impares judgement and the nervous system,  it causes agression in people. 


Users of Psychoactive drugs can become addicts and dependent on these drugs, with it happening in some people more than others due to genetic disposition, enviroment, and culture. Over time, the body builds a tolerance towards the drug(s) and an individual can become dependent on them, even facing withdrawals if they try to stop use.

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  1. I think you brought up some really good points! I had written about caffeine addiction and you're right, overtime the body becomes used to the drug and then you are soon addicted to it and it becomes harder to stop. I might have to say I'm dealing with that right now with caffeine. I work two jobs and I am trying to complete summer classes with good grades. I work almost an 11 shift every three days and then late 9 hour shifts at my other job. I work 6 days a week, and so it is tiring to stay awake and energized to meet great expectations for both jobs, and then when I come home, I have three classes I am responsible for. So therefore I drink about 2 maybe 3 cups of coffee in order for me to get through the day and get everything done. On my busy nights I have two red bulls in addition to the coffee.