Monday, July 26, 2021

Good Gene Hypothesis of Reproduction

Before approaching anybody, most people judge others by their appearance. This is almost an innate feature in the human mind. The reason that this judgment exists is because it is used for reproductive purposes. The more attractive a person is, the more likely they are to reproduce healthy children. 

This is something that can be seen through different cultures around the world. One of the more common features found attractive in all cultures is symmetry. 

The human brain likes when things are evenly distributed. Because of that even distribution across the face, people who have more symmetrical faces are seen to be more attractive when compared to those with asymmetrical ones. 

Attractiveness also is believed to be correlated with the person's health, the more attractive the person the healthier they are. When looking for mates, this will allow women to find men that will provide healthy genes for their offspring, and vice versa. This process goes along with the Good Gene Hypothesis.

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  1. I find the Good Gene Hypothesis to be incredibly intriguing. It is interesting that among many different cultures, symmetry is found to be a huge factor in measuring attractiveness. It seems to be an innate shared human preference that is pleasing to the eye (and the brain). I have never thought of a face being more attractive because it is symmetrical, but looking at the image you provided of the asymmetrical, original, and symmetrical face of a woman, I can say, without a doubt, that the symmetrical face stood out as being more appealing than the others to me. Also, the idea that attractiveness is associated with health is not surprising to me, but is something that I had not heard before. I can see how it would be assumed that the more attractive and fit a male is, the better they would be at being able to provide safety, healthy children, and able to live a longer healthier life than someone deemed as unattractive. I cannot say that I have chosen any of my past boyfriends or current boyfriend solely based on attractiveness, but it does play a huge role in the relationship process because in order to want to be with someone, you have to find them attractive, I would think!