Friday, May 1, 2020

Performance Lecture

This lecture was interesting in a way I have never heard of many of theories before although I have lived in some of the situations it discussed. What I found most interesting was the last slide continuing off of the Cusp Catastrophe Model was the topic of tonic immobility. I knew of this concept but never knew what the specific term was, there are many situations where people freeze up in situations when they are in harm. I have had an experience of when me and my friends heard noises in our apartment instead of running up the stairs we froze up and did not know what to do just sitting there. Even though this situation was nothing too harmful, if you think about times where someone might be breaking into your home and you freeze up there might not be enough time to run and hide. In situations for animals like the slide discussed this could be an advantage to almost trick predators which is a good thing in saving themselves.

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