Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Diet Cliche

My husband and I are currently on a diet, and he has been a lot more successful than I. This is partly due to facts of the situation: 1) he has more weight to lose, and 2) he is male. However, the material I've come across in this course leads me to believe he as another advantage: he is intrinsically motivated. He wants to sleep better. He wants to wear nicer, better-fitting clothes. He wants his feet to hurt less when he walks for extended periods of time. These are all things that he wants to control about himself and for himself (effectance motivation). As for me, I haven't found that intrinsic motivation. I am doing this diet because I am trying to be helpful and supportive. Because I am not buying in 100%, it is not working as well for me and I want to quit. I feel like my opportunity costs of doing this diet are higher because I do most of the cooking and dishes, in addition to having a job and going to school. My husband certainly works hard, but he is not in school and does not do most of the cooking. Doing this diet is easier for him because he has intrinsic motivation as well as low opportunity costs. For me, I need some way to change my motivation in order to ultimately be successful.


  1. Hello Rachel, I have also been watching my weight for a few years now; by occasional exercise, eating well, juicing, and yoga. After reading your post, my feelings relate more towards your husbands intrinsic motivation, as you explained is not easy to feel. However, it does take a certain individual to become aware of his/or her environment and how it effects their weight negatively or positively. Most people don't realize, feelinsg are motivated by habit, and after they are formed, they become embedded in our brains. Your husband feels good about himself, and is trying to influence his good behavior for the both of you as a couple. The only way it works, is if you do it as a team, and be strong for each other. He also wants you to want it for yourself, and realize you have to make sacrifices in life to live and be healthy. My apologies if I went too deep, but I am passionate about being healthy, feeling great about yourself as encourages others to feel the same. #TheRealDiet

  2. Rachel,
    Sounds like you need incentive to workout and diet more! Personally, for myself I find this in compliments. Luckily my friends and family have learned that by complimenting me on my progress with just about anything, it motivates me to keep going. I want people to see that I've been working hard at the gym and losing weight, so when everyone around me gives compliments on my physique, it is an incentive for me to continue bettering myself. Everyone has different incentives to motivate them, this is what works for me, you just need to find what works for you!

  3. Hi Rachel,
    Would your husband have the same effect if you did not diet with him? I know when I started to live a healthier lifestyle I found it easier when people around me also changed. It encouraged me to continue when I wanted to give up or have a "cheat day". I can imagine it is not easy for you, but maybe you need to tell him how you feel so he can be your motivation.

    Good luck to both of you!

  4. I Know what you are saying. My dad is overweight and has asked me a few times to diet with him. I'm not overweight and my only motivation to diet and exercise is to get fitter. I've never really been able to keep at it and because I can't keep at it he feels less motivated himself and tends to end the diet when I do. It's unfortunate but I think when people are shooting for their own personal goals they become more motivated rather than working for someone else